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Criminal Law

Areas of Practice

Intervention Orders

Intervention orders help protect you from a violent family member or someone other than a family member who threatens your safety and well-being.

Drug Offences

Drug offences include possession, use of drugs and the more serious charges of importing and trafficking prohibited drugs.

Driving Offences

Speaking with an experienced lawyer can provide you with a better chance of keeping your driver’s licence.

Traffic Offences

Traffic offences includes driving over the speed limit, drink driving, drug driving, driving whilst disqualified and failing to follow traffic signals.


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We provide assistance with police matters that require you to appear in court. Seeking an advice from a criminal law expert who also specialises in police matter can save you time and money.

The firm members are actively engaged in Magistrates Court appearances on behalf of clients involved in Police prosecutions of all types including all aspects of Victorian Motor Traffic Law.

We can also assist in matters before the County Court in its criminal jurisdiction.

Consultations and representation by specialist members of Counsel can also be arranged in appropriate circumstances as may be necessary or desired. The best and most cost-effective representation will always be achieved.


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